DeeplyRooted 06 00881All services are tailored by assessment to your desired experience.

Choreography Commissions

  • New Works — Original choreography
  • Repertory Works — Selected from Iega’s acclaimed repertoire

Special Projects — Theater, Film, and Television


  • Residencies — 7-14 days
  • Extended Residencies

Master Classes/Workshops

  • Your workshop experience may include:
  • Mature H.O.T. (Healthy Optimistic, Triumphant) Women: Healthy, Optimistic, Triumphant! Women of any age and background dance their way to a healthier, more empowered self.
  • Men Moving: Discovering strength and agility, men of any age learn how movement can enhance their lives.
  • Rise Workshops: Self actualization and leadership training through dance for youth in various settings.
  • Master Classes: A single session usually focusing on technique, movement, and choreography.
  • Movement Workshops for Actors & Singers: Classes designed to enhance flexibility, agility, movement and performance skills.

Artistic Consulting

  • A series of planning sessions designed to support the client’s artistic visioning and programmatic goals.